Da Rulz

The rules are simple and only a few,

but if you break them, you'll have a penalty or two!


Rules of engagement (any violation may result in penalties posted on site):
1. Invitation must be presented for admittance or spin the penalty wheel.
2. NO shop talk.
3. First come, first serve for space under the plum tree, bring a tent.
4. “Shaved Ape” title will be decided at the end of the evening festivities.
5. NO Underage Drinking!
6. No muddy shoes in the house (if ya know what's good for ya!)
7. Pitch a tent, Don’t drink and drive (sleep in your own Tent). 
8. E-mail for song lists or spud rules.
9. No changing the channel from NASCAR at any time unless Stephie says so!
10. Stay on Hacienda de Malone grounds or you may get shot!




There will be 3 classes of competition: Best Build; Best Distance; and Best accuracy.

There may be 2 divisions of competition depending on participation: 1.5" PVC and 2" PVC



  1. No Onboard fuels

  2. No Liquid fuels

  3. Only proper SAE fittings

  4. Properly assembled fittings

  5. Zooka must pass on-site inspection by MOOKA!

  6. These are not Toys!  If in doubt go to http://www.spudtech.com or http://www.burntlatke.com

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